The Hungarian plant is final assembling ATMs which started operating in 2006 as a greenfield investment of the American mother company. We participated in the start-up process by searching for the members of the management. Nowadays we are seeking for specialists who have key roles in the Hungarian facility.
A real estate developer company with a leading position on the domestic real estate market. We have been involved in building their organisation for years and exclusively searching for employees for management and specialist positions. The company group is developing high value residential, retail and office buildings both in Hungary and abroad.
The Budapest office is in charge of handling the offset process related to the Swedish Gripen fighter aircrafts. We participated in building up their consulting team.
The Swedish company group is manufacturing and distributing quality office furniture. We supported them to penetrate the Romanian market by finding the start-up team.
A world-leader Swedish company in manufacturing and distributing working environment products and systems. Their Hungarian and Romanian affiliates were launched by our support.
The company group is headquartered in Sweden and we were involved in building up the organisation of the Hungarian plant that is manufacturing plastic components for the telecommunication, automotive and hygiene industries.
As member of the Norwegian Telenor Group, Pannon has a significant role on the Hungarian mobile telecommunication market as well. During the past years we successfully filled top managerial positions.
The Finnish plastic manufacturing company entered to the Hungarian market as a Nokia supplier several years ago. We co-operate with them in recruiting employees on management level.
Worldwide market leader in industrial drive solutions. We help developing the local branch.
We are in contact with the medical diagnostics division of the prosperous German company group.
The Swedish company is known to develop several office buildings in Budapest. We have been searching and selecting managers and specialist both for the Hungarian and Romanian offices during our long term co-operation.
The company group is headquartered in the Netherlands, manufacturing and selling self-adhesive products to clients in telecommunication, paper and automotive industries. We played a part in improving their Budapest team.