Fodor HR
Fodor Human Resources Kft.
We have been providing HR consulting services for more than 12 years and our core competence is the systematic direct search (headhunting) which enables us to identify managers and other specialists. Our objective is to help our clients employ the most suitable candidates, i.e. find the workforce that can, in the long run, contribute in running a successful business. Our clientele consists of multinational and Scandinavian companies active in trading, manufacturing and in the real estate field. We have chosen not to specialise in any certain areas which has given us the opportunity to gain a wide range of experience in searching for and selecting middle and top managers and employees for various specialist positions.

We take pride in the fact that diverse start-up companies give us their trust in searching for first managers and employees.

Our consultants have degrees in Economy and/or Psychology which facilitates the evaluation of the experience gathered during the interviews.